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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 30, 2010, 3:16 PM

Pesare's Journal



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Merry Christmas!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 23, 2010, 9:53 AM

Pesare's Journal



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The Astronomer

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 3, 2010, 8:44 AM

Pesare's Journal

The astronomer carried a universe with him. It was tucked away in his suitcase, folded carefully so that it would not wrinkle. When opened, the universe was a round, black tent, on which inner surface the astronomer projected all the stars and the planets, and odd things called supernovae, quasars and nebulae. The astronomer was very proud of his universe, and so he went around showing it to everyone in schools and science fairs.

The day he was supposed to come to our school, there were a lot of whispers in the air. Who was this Astronomer, who could carry the universe in a suitcase? Was he some sort of wizard, or a magician?
- I heard he is from another planet, Olli said.
And everybody else said:
- Oh, really! He'll propably come here on a space ship then.
- Do you think he'll take us for a ride?
- Sure! Why not? Olli replied. - I mean, he must be a busy man, but I'm sure he'll at least take us to the moon and back.
And we all agreed.
But, to our dissapointment, the astronomer didn't come on a space ship. No, instead he came on a rusty, blue van. And he wasn't wearing a silvery space suit and a shiny helmet, like we all thought, but a brown, worn out coat and a woolly green hat.
The astronomer's universe was so small, that he was able to set it up to the back of the classroom. And not everyone in our class fitted inside at once. Only five or six of us were invited at a time to step inside, where the astronomer told us to sit down on the floor. He then carefully sealed the entrance and began his show.

At first there was nothing but darkness. Only the astronomer's eyes gloomed in the black endlessness. But hiding in the middle of the universe was a small red button, and when the astronomer pushed it - boom! Music filled the eternity. And slowly, one by one, the stars appeared, circling around the ceiling of the space. And they were so close, that you could have easily touched them, if the teacher wouldn't have told you not to.
From the stars, the astronomer created animals. There was a lion, a bull, a scorpion, and even a unicorn. And there were people too. There was a water-bearer, who I thought was just showing off to Cassiopeia, though she didn't seem too impressed.
- And here, the astronomer said. - You can see the archer.
- That's not an archer, Olli said. - That's a giant octopuss eating the principal!
- Quiet! our teacher shushed him. - Or I'll give you detention again.
Apparently only the astronomer was allowed to see animals in the stars.
After this, the astronomer told long and strange stories about red giants, white dwarfs and huge black holes (but no one really understood why the astronomer had put holes in his universe, since we all knew that if you have a hole in your pocket you are just going to loose a lot of things). And when the show was finally over, the astronomer packed the universe neatly in his suitcase, put on his worn out coat and woolly hat and disappeared in to the distance in his rusty, old, blue van.

Later that night, I laid awake in my bed and stared at the window and the stars and the moon. And I saw a bird fly just above the archers head. I hadn't seen that in the astronomer's universe.


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The World In The Puddle

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2009, 12:44 PM

Pesare's Journal

When the rain stopped, we put our rain boots on, ran outside to the park and stepped on every puddle on the way. I wished that it would always stay like that. That we could live our whole lives right at the end of the rain.
There was an upside down world in the puddles. I thought that there must also be upside down people living there. Upside down children who go swimming in the sky, and upside down dreamers who gaze at the birds which soar deep under the ground. And they have upside down parents there also, who let you eat candy before dinner, and stay up as long as you like watching nothing but horror movies.
And suddenly, when I thought about the world in the puddle and all it's people, I felt bad about stepping on them and disturbing their peaceful, upside down existence.
- It's just a reflection, stupid! Olli said and jumped violently on the watery buildings.
        The whole world broke in to million little pieces, then slowly gathered back together, quaked, shivered and finally calmed down. Like nothing ever happened.
- But, how do you know that we are not their reflections? I asked Olli.
Olli stopped for a moment, and stood quietly.
- Because we brake, he then said, very slowly. - And we don't come back together again...

There was a strange look in Olli's eyes. A sad look, that I had not seen before. But, as quickly as the puddle had settled, his eyes lit up again.
I watched him as he ran down the street, jumping from puddle to puddle, and I realized how little I actually knew about him. Sure, I knew what his favorite type of aircraft was, and how far he was able to throw a stone, but I knew nothing about what he was like when I wasn't with him. What was he like when he was just with his parents, did he act differently? Or, when he was alone with a teacher who was going to punish him. Did he cry, or did he still act as the biggest and toughest in our class? Did he exist at all, when I wasn't around?
Was Olli just my reflection?
I looked down at the puddle where I was standing. I saw an airplane. It flew under my feet.


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The Man On The Moon

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2008, 2:00 PM

Pesare's Journal

I never really wanted to be anything when I grow up. I mean, I wanted to do things, but I never wanted to BE anything. I wanted to chase the bad guys and solve mysteries, but I didn't really want to be a detective or a cop. I wanted to sail the seven seas, face the strongest storms and catch the biggest fish and find the lost treasure, but I never really wanted to become a sailor or a fisherman, or even a pirate. And I never wanted to become an astronaut either, but, more than anything, I wanted to fly off in to the stars.
And when the lights were off and the whole house was silent and asleep, my bed turned in to a spaceship and slowly drifted in to space. Further and further and further away, untill I could not see our house anymore.
And I wondered if our house could still see me.

Believe it or not, but the moon is not actually made out of cheese. After a week of drifting in my spaceship-bed I landed there and found out it is actually a rather boring combination of rock and stones and dust. I landed at the shore of the sea of tranquility, but it is not really a sea either, just the sea's bottom. Rock and stones and dust. I guess who ever made the earth couldn't come up with anything new and better for the moon and just left it unfinished and moved on to pour The Milky Way across the sky (sometimes I think that the milky way isn't actually made out of milk either. But, then again, it would be silly to call it milky if it wasn't).
But, one thing is true: there is a man there. The man on the moon. And I met him. He was sitting on an edge of a small crater and looked a little sad.
- Hello there, I said.
- Hello, the man on the moon said, with much surprise in his voice. - Who... who are you? And where on moon do you come from?
- I come from down there, from earth, I said and pointed to where I thought my home was.
- Oh, so you're the man on the earth! The man on the moon said happily.
- Boy, I said quietly. - Boy on the earth. And there are a lot of us.
- A lot of you? The man on the moon said and scratched his cratery head.
- No, I mean boys, I explained and sat down next to him. - There are a lot of boys on earth. And girls and men and women also.
- Oh, that sounds wonderful, the man on the moon said and sighed. - There are not a lot of me here. Only one...
He looked a little sad again.
- Well, I'm here now, I said softly. - So, there is two of us.
The man on the moon looked at me and smiled.
- It's a full earth tonight, he then said. - I'm glad I can finally share it with someone.
The earth really was full, but it seemed awfully empty.

We sat there for a while together, the boy on the earth and the man on the moon. We talked, and I realised we are not so different. When he was just a little boy on the moon, he used to spent all of his time looking at earth and dreaming about one day going there and finding out what wonders it held (he believed that the earth is made out of candy, but I told him that most of it isn't. Or, maybe they have different kind of candy on the moon). The man on the moon also had a father and a mother. And they were very much like the fathers and the mothers on earth.
- Quit gazing at the earth, and keep your feet on the moon, his father always said to him.
- And go clean your crater! It is filled with space junk, his mother usually added.
But that little boy on the moon never stopped wondering. If he only had the courage to jump and fall down - to earth.
- But what if you miss, and you fall straight to the sun? the mother on the moon worried.
- And what on moon do you think you would do down there? the father tried to reason.
- Nothing, the little boy on the moon said. - I would just be there...
But he never jumped. He never fell. He just sat there on the edge of his crater and dreamed.  
His father is now the man on one the moons of Saturn, and his mother is a shooting star. And he himself, he sits on the shore of the sea of tranquility, or he walks around on the dark side of the moon. And he does so, because he is the man on the moon.

- Come, I said to him after a long silence. - Let's jump! Together, let's jump and let's fall.
- To earth? he asked.
- Yes, all the way down to earth.
He pondered it for a moment, then he smiled and took my hand. And then - we fell!
And, right at that moment, my mother heard a loud thump from upstairs and ran to see what was going on. And she saw me lying on the floor next to my bed.
- Oh, honey are you allright? she asked worryingly. - Did you fell from your bed again?
- Yes, I did. I fell. I'm fine, I said and climbed up.

And tonight outside I looked at the moon, and I'm pretty sure that it is made out of cheese.


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The House That Wasn't

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 8, 2008, 1:14 PM

Pesare's Journal

I think the house was blue. Or maybe it was red. I can't really remember, I never payed that much attention to it. Not untill it was gone.
I was about nine years old at the time. It was summer, and the school was finally out. Now, everywhere else those would have been the happiest and the most exiting days to be a child, but it just so happened that we lived in a very small town (well, not even a town really, but a village) and the most exiting things that ever happened there were the days it rained. At least then you had an exuse for not being able to do anything.
And we had a lot of those days that summer. And even when it didn't rain, the air was dripping wet. And I remember thinking that if the clouds would ever scatter and the sun would come out, the whole village would soon start to bubble and boil.
And it did. The very first hot day that summer. The day we saw the dark smoke in the sky.
Olli and I were at the frog pond. We were building "The Frog World". We made little dams and little rivers, and small mud castles where the frogs could live, and we hoped that it would grow in to a great civilization, which Gods we would then be.
Olli saw the smoke first. It came from somewhere behind the pond, at the edge of the village, and we were a little baffled because neither of us remembered that anyone ever lived there. Or that there even were any houses near there.
- But something is definitely burning there, Olli said. - Let's go have a look!

There wasn't much left of the house when we arrived. A charred chimney that stood alone in the middle of burned, black rubble. Something that could have been a child's bed or a small table, and something that looked like parts of toys or maybe some kind of tools.
- Who's house was this? I asked Olli.
- I don't know, Olli said and shrugged his shoulders.
- What do you think happened? I asked again. - Do you think anybody... died?
- Probably, Olli said.
And all the time more and more people came, gathering around the place to see what had happened. And pretty soon the whole village was there, just standing, trying to sneak a peak inside the house that wasn't.
- Didn't that old man, who used to live near the school, just move here last month, said Mr. Fredrikson.
- I heard he was once in a mental institution, Mrs. Hilda said. - He always did seem strange to me.
- But he lived alone. I heard it was a whole family that lived here, old man Grumpy said.
- I heard somebody saw kids walking around with a canister couple nights ago, Mr. Fredrikson said.
- I know, Mrs. Hilda said. - And I warned people. I said it would mean trouble.
- Well, I'm not going to sleep well tonight, Mr. Fredrikson said. - I have a big house and a lot of valuables in there.
- Kids, Grumpy grumbled.
- But what if it was that crazy old man who did this... I mean, why would anybody do something like this?
- Trouble, Mrs. Hilda said quietly. - More trouble. Lots of trouble, I'm telling you...
- I'm afraid you're right, Mr. Fredrikson said.
And smoke was still rising from the rubble.

Nobody talked about anything else that day. It was whispered in the streets, talked about in the stores, agreed upon around coffee tables - there was a monster loose in the village. And nobody was completely safe. You could feel it everywhere. Something horrible had found it's way in to our quiet little village, and it had quickly taken a strong hold of it. More and more stories about the fire were told. Some people were sure it was a revenge, that it was something from the past. And everybody knew somebody who had seen a dark figure somewhere, standing silently, just watching their house. Children weren't allowed to go outside and play after dark anymore, everybody locked their doors and most people stayed up whole night guarding their house, sitting on their porch, watching for shadows.
And even though the paper next morning claimed that the fire was caused by an electric failure, and that nobody had lost their lives, people were still sure there was more to the story. There had to be. Things like these just don't happen by accident. And when things like these happen, they will surely happen again.
- God, I wish they catch who ever did this, mom said while we were having breakfast.
- But I thought it was just a broken electric box, I said.
- Yes, but if it wasn't...
And right then, thankfully, the doorbell rang.
- It's Olli, I said and finished my juice quickly, jumped up from the chair and ran to the door.
- Hi, I said.
- Hi, Olli said.
- So, what do you want to do? Should we go have a look at that house again?
- Nah, Olli said tiredly. - Let's go build The Frog World. I found some tin cans that will make great towers.
- Sure, I said. - Sounds great!
I grabbed my jacket, and when I ran out the door I looked up.
- You know, I think it might start raining again...
- Good, Olli said. - That means more frogs.


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The Little Digger

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 6, 2007, 11:08 PM

Pesare's Journal

She wasn't JUST a tiny little dog. She was PERFECTLY tiny and little (and just happened to be a dog). This was the first day after her new owners had taken her away from the warm comfort of her mother and three brothers. And now, suddenly, she was surrounded by this new and strange, wide wide world.
And (because she was perfectly tiny and little, and because she just happened to be a dog) she immideately started to dig and sniff and sniff and dig.
- What are you trying to find? the new owners asked her.
- I don't know, she replied. - I haven't found it yet.
- But there is nothing there, the new owners said.
- And yesterday there wasn't even nothing, she said with a mouth full of dust.

The Little Digger…

And she continued to dig and sniff and sniff and dig, and she found nothing that was brown, nothing that moved, nothing that was hard, and nothing that smelled odd.
She had never seen so much nothing in her life.


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O Tempora, O Trolls

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 15, 2007, 2:01 PM

Pesare's Journal

It is hard to get lost into a forest these days. If you just keep walking, you'll come across a road or at least a path of some kind, sooner or later. If you listen closely you can hear cars and chainsaws humming instead of birds. You'll see an airplane fly over the trees, or find an empty cola bottle laying in the moss.
But not today.
Today the forest was silent. And out of that silence, a little furry creature crawled. It looked at me for a second, with both shyness and curiousness in it's eyes, untill it spoke with a quiet, rustling voice.
- Hello, it said and bowed gently.
- Hello, I said back.
- I'm sorry if I sound rude (I tried to be very polite, 'cause I know that it is always best to be polite when you meet a strange creature in the woods), but are you a troll?
- Yes, I am, it said, and seemed to be as confused as I was.
- It's just that we humans don't usually believe in trolls, I tried to explain.
- That's ok, the troll said. - We trolls don't usually believe in you humans either.

Pesare's Journal

I spent the whole day with that troll. We became somewhat frieds. He showed me the parts of the forest that are still hidden from the world of man, and I told him about airplanes and cola bottles.
- It must be hard for you trolls these days, I said. - So much has changed...
- Nothing has changed, he said. - We are still trolls.
- But with all the roads and the airplanes, it must be hard to stay hidden...
- But we are not hiding, he said. - We are where we have always been..

And then we just sat there, under a big fir tree, silently.


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The White Dog

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 15, 2007, 8:15 AM

Pesare's Journal

There used to be a white dog who sat oustide on my home street. He never barked, he never made a sound, he barely even moved. He just sat there. Always at the same place. Every day. And when it snowed, you had to walk right next to him to even realize he was there. If he would have jumped, the world would have propably just turned away from under him.
He is gone now. I don't know where or how. But I wouldn't be surprised to hear that when the snow melted that year the white dog just simply melted away too.

Valkoinen Koira

His name was Caesar. I think he traveled the world just sitting there.
He never saw the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel tower, but every year he saw the first snowflake that fell on our street.
He never took a ride in a rollercoaster, never saw a play or a movie, but he watched children skate in the park across the street, and he heard their laughter.
He couldn't talk, but once he listened to two students with identical beards walking by discussing politics and poetry and wondered why they are not talking about their beards instead.

His name was Caesar. I called him the white dog. He never called himself anything.


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Winter in DA...

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 31, 2007, 8:32 AM

Pesare's Journal beautiful!

Wintery sceneries from around the area where I live
by art-o

hut in red by art-o   new beginning by art-o

before snowstorm by art-o

And a dreamlike wintery world of Anuk

Lost 3 by Anuk   Christmas Card by Anuk

Anuk by Anuk

And by


Winter at the Castle by Aguaplano


Always Winter, Never Christmas by killskerry





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6 weird things

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 22, 2007, 2:00 AM

Pesare's Journal

I was tagged by Aguaplano

The Rules
The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things/hates about yourself" and people who get tagged MUST write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things/hates as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours...


1. While my whole apartment is a mess and looks like a hurricane have visited me, I can get very irritated by a single little thing like if a carpet is not straight. I've actually sometimes just straightened a pile of papers that have fallen on the floor instead of picking them up and putting them on a table or a drawer...:slow:

2. I always carry a book around with me, just in case. I even brought a book to my friend's wedding - altough I have no idea when or where I thought I would be needing it.

3. Sometimes, when I'm walking on a street, I have to close my eyes just because I have seen a certain building too often.

4. I love to draw dots. I could spend hours drawing nothing but dots. I love it, because it never seems to be finished - it always needs a one dot more...:slow:

5. I was born about a month late (I guess I had a feeling that it might be better to stay inside. :) ).

6. I love nightmares.


And I tag:

:iconart-o: :iconblackonwhite: :iconcoloredsoul: :iconliviaa: :iconvvalhallaa: :iconfirejay:

(If you don't feel like it, you don't have to do it)


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The Grinch + Interview

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 23, 2006, 5:28 AM

Pesare's Journal

Do you remember the christmas you dreamed and hoped and prayed to get that new beautiful doll or that amazing action figure as a present from your parents? And the feeling of boiling blood pumping through your veins when you opened the box and found a sweater inside! A SWEATER!?!
Well, now you can get back at them - BUY THEM ART!

:shop410452:  :shop402115:


:shop403473:  :shop364211:



jsmonzani interviewed me for Picture-Maker.
You can read it here:…


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Fri Nov 3, 2006, 11:11 AM
TeaParty by luana

by :iconluana:


by :iconperikznc:

A Crying of the Wind by TempestErika

by :icontempesterika:

Feeding the birds by Adnil

by :iconadnil:


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Autum Beauty

Wed Oct 18, 2006, 11:16 PM
Go and look at these before the first snow:

by :icondeevad:


l'automne, deja by barbarasobczynska
by :iconbarbarasobczynska:


caricature of Shigeru Mizuki by copyrezo
by :iconcopyrezo:


cofffee by gapinska
by :icongapinska:


by :iconchocolatita:



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The Old Fisherman

Mon Sep 4, 2006, 1:48 PM
:shop354088:  Something was different that morning. His whole life the Old Fisherman had lived on the same little island - gone fishing early in the morning and came back late in the evening - but now something was different. As he once again rowed his boat out on to the sea, and as he watched the island get further and further in the horizon, he thought of a funny thing: "Every morning that Island swims away from me, and every evening it returns. And all I do is just stay still on the middle of the ocean..."
And as he thought of all this (and was sure these kinds of odd notions were deffenite sings off him getting old and his brains starting to yawn) the island got smaller and smaller, lost it's shape in the distant morning mist and finally dove under the horizon.

And then - then the Flyfishes came.
:shop330622:  Hundreds of them. They flew around the boat quietly, swimming through the air, sparkling like nothing the Old Fisherman had ever seen.
"How absolutely unnatural and unapropriet...", the fisherman's boat creaked in resentment, until the waves rocked it back to sleep. All boats are like this. They have a fear of hights and an odd way of thinking that only creatures with wings are supposed to fly.

:shop368658:  But the Old Fisherman thought differently. He looked at the flying fishes around him and realized that there is another ocean, an ocean in the sky. And altough the boat didn't feel too happy about it, the Old Fisherman rowed them up from the water and in to the air, higher and higher, untill he couldn't see where the sea below ended and where the heavens above him started.


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Here again! + Great music!

Fri Aug 4, 2006, 4:13 AM
I was away almost two weeks, 'cause my internet was down due to a lightning storm...:fear: But now I'm back - and I have LOTS of unanswered messages and pics to go thru. So bare with me, I'll try to answer them, but I'll surely at least read them all... :nod:

Other news: A band called Elisabeth Underground ( my friend henri-kristian is the drummer) has released a new album. The music is pure brilliance. You can listen some of it in the disco-section at their page, here:

Do so, you won't regret!


- Pete




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23 things

Sun Jun 11, 2006, 11:51 PM
I was tagged by :iconnicolas-gouny-art: to list 23 things that make me happy, so here they are:

1. Cup of coffee with ice cream and a cigarette.

2. Reading/writing a delicious word like "vavahdella" (I'm not going to translate it 'cause it's not the meaning it's the way it "tastes")

3. Forget-me-not flowers (but if you pick them and put them in a vase it makes me sad).

4. Good company, whisky and a loooooong conversation.

5. Rain and thunder storms.

6 The fact that I'm a grown-up so I can jump on the bed and stay up as late as I wan't and I am better at making snowmen than I was when I was a child.

7. The wisdom of Pippi Långstrumpf (for example when a teacher is accuseing Pippi of lying, Pippi says: "I'm not lying, I'm telling a story" :D )

8. The first snow - and when the snow finally melts.

9. Seinfeld and the Gilmore girls.

10. The sound of Gallinago Gallinago flying...

11. Staying absolutely still in the middle of a forest.

12. Another cup of coffee with ice cream and a cigarette.

13. "Suvivirsi" = a hymn that is traditional to sing here at school at the end of the last day before summer holiday.

14. Sauna, with "vasta" (=that is something we Finns do in a sauna. We tie up branches of birch trees together and beat each others with them.:D I know it sounds crazy but it feels great, makes your blood run.)

15. Going into a cafe when it's snowing, taking off the snowy and wet coat, shake the snowflakes off from my hair and order a hot drink and sit and watch people.

16. Magic, but not magic tricks because there is no magic in them.

17. Any time I do something right...

18. Reading a book outside. And especially if it rains on my ankles at the same time.

19. Sleeping... I LOVE sleeping.

20. Mozart's "Requiem" (I know it's propably the darkest and sadest music ever written, and it sertainly doesn't make me smile or laugh or feeling all bubbly, but it does makes me happy.)

21. Watching the snow melt, or the grass grow.

22. Flying. It's fun!:D

23. Third cup of coffee with a cigarette (any more ice cream and I'll feel sick...)

I will tag :iconfrecklefaced29: and :iconsevenwillow: and :iconvleta:

Aaaand :iconfebruar:

Don't worry if you're busy or something, I won't get mad if you don't do this. :)


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-24 celsius

Wed Jan 18, 2006, 1:33 PM
:snowflake: -24 centigrades outside. :snowflake: The frost is visible in the air. :snowflake: It bites your nose and your feet like hundred sharp needles if you step outside. :snowflake: It bangs it's fists against  trees and walls and anything that comes in it's way. :snowflake: The chilly rustle in the corners, inside the walls, just behind the windows, as the frost plans it's next move to find it's way under this woollen blanket where I lay. :snowflake: I wanna go skiing. :snowflake: I wanna put layers and layers of clothes on and just go standing outside. :snowflake: I wanna let the cold get in to my bones so I can feel warm when I return under this woollen blanket where I lay... :snowflake:



Another Adventure Awaits by Adnil by Adnil

Sing your heart out by CaptainBeyond by CaptainBeyond

city... by MisOtrasCosas by MisOtrasCosas

Mother Holle no.3 by hailey-bu by hailey-bu  


I am a member of: :iconkioutyclub:
I woke up and there was a giant standing in my room. Altough I had never before met a giant, and did not know how they look when they are happy or angry or hungry even, I thought this giant looked sad.
- What is the matter? I asked him with a little nervousness in my voice (you must remember, that even tho giants are very common in most parts of Europe, they are pretty rare in Finland, and there had been no giants before in my room; just some gobblins, but gobblins I knew are nothing to be nervous about).
   The giant looked at his great big hands and said with a deep, heavy voice:
- Sometimes... Sometimes I am jealous of you little people...
- Oh, I said (and thought I was getting better at talking to giants).
- My hands... They are so big I can barely raise them. And my legs, they are so heavy it is exhausting to walk - or even to stand. For once I would like to be a feather, or a snowflake... But I am a giant. Big... Too big for myself... snowed! :heart:

And I made a little snow-man standing on top of my mail box to greet the mail-man:D

I am so happy today! I have everything I need, and even more...